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Hi! I'm Jessica and this is my blog all about my weight loss journey.

A bit about me? Well I'm 22. I live in the South West of England. I'm a pescatarian (I eat fish, but not meat). I work part-time as a customer assistant in a supermarket - not my ideal job, but it's okay for now. In 2014 I finished college, where I studied Travel and Tourism Level 3, achieving an overall grade of which I am really proud of.

I have no real "plan" for myself or my life right now...  I don't think I've ever really 100% known what I want to do with myself.. My "#lifegoals" change almost daily. Although lately my mind has been very set on trying to get my foot in the door of the Travel and Tourism industry. I can imagine maybe doing something like being an air stewardess or being a travel agent/consultant.. Travel is something I've always been pretty passionate about.

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My weight-loss journey.

My heaviest/starting weight: 176lb

My goal weight: around 115lb

My current weight: 133lb

Total weight lost so far: 43lb

(I'll try and update these stats regularly).

I am forever dieting. I can't remember the last time I wasn't dieting or stressing about my weight. I started my weight loss journey properly back in 2009 (this is when I was at my biggest). I joined my local Slimming World group, after being inspired by my Nan who lost 3 stone after joining with them. I was a member with them for about 2 or so years and I managed to lose a total of 2 stone whilst there. I then left Slimming World and decided to do it by myself, as the weight loss had pretty much slowed down to a halt. As a new year's resolution (start of the year 2012) I decided to download the app 'MyFitnessPal' on my iPhone to help me lose weight again, and I have never looked back! I'm a calorie counting addict now. Since joining this app I have never not logged in my food intake, no matter how good or bad I've been (except 1 week in May 2012, as I was abroad and couldn't get my phone to connect to the internet.. Bad times). I've lost a fair amount of weight since I started calorie counting, but I'm not quite where I want to be yet. I'm quite flabby and untoned (especially my legs, bum and tummy). I then decided (in January 2013) to join a local gym to tone up my unwanted flab. It has meant I've had to up my daily calorie intake a little - not happy about it, but I needed to so I have the energy to actually do the exercise! I really enjoy going and I will hopefully keep it up for as long as possible, as it makes me feel great! I'm hoping it won't take long before I see some significant changes to my body *fingers crossed*.

My interests.

My two main interests, apart from dieting and blogging, are shopping and travelling.

Shopping is a massive weakness of mine.. Especially clothes shopping - I love looking and feeling fashionable (whether I actually look it or not, haha). I actually find it so hard to go into some shops to "browse" without buying something, even if I don't need it (this mainly happens in Topshop). I often use the excuse "I lost more weight so I needed some new clothes" to justify my new purchases - which is sometimes true, but not all the time.. I try to help fund my shopping habit by selling my old, bigger, better quality clothes on eBay or at car boot sales. But some things do end up getting donated to local charity shops.

I love travelling (says the girl who gets travel sickness on anything but trains and airplanes). I like to travel both within the U.K and abroad. One day I would love to travel around the world. I've been to the usual holiday destinations: Spain; Turkey; Gran Canaria; Tenerife, etc. and my latest destination, Magaluf. But, now I'm a bit older and more independent, I want to travel to more unusual places, like Africa, Egypt, a tour around some of America! I have so many places I want to visit, but not enough money to do so.. Sucks. :(

I'm not a massive fan of books, but I love reading magazines. I've subscribed to Cosmopolitan and Healthy Eating Guide, which I get delivered every single month. I love partying with my friends! I go out partying about once every two weeks (all the alcohol is very bad for me, I know.. But I'm young! When I'm older and have more responsibilities I won't often get the chance). I guess I am what people call an "adrenaline junkie" - I LOVE roller-coasters, and in May 2012 I completed a 12,000ft tandem skydive for charity.

A few of my other favourite things are: socialising; baking; cooking; cats; Harry Potter; Glee; going to the gym; plus more.

My blog.

My blog launched on Friday 30th March 2012.

This blog is to record my weight loss journey. I want to share my experiences, my stats, recipes I've found & tried/adapted, my ideas, tips and advice with you all. I hope to inspire and help anyone on their own journey. It's also to help keep myself motivated, to look back on things I've done to help me reflect and move forward when I'm struggling. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog. Feel free to comment with your thoughts on my post and give me your feedback and your own weight loss tips and ideas! I always love to hear from my readers. Thank you!

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Yes, the drawing on the side of my blog is my own drawing. I'm very happy and proud of it. The person stood on the scales is meant to resemble me (the piercings, the mole, flabby-ness/un-toned body).

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